Schedule 00/00/00 - ∞/∞/∞ 
Beginning of each day
flash on and gleam with frozen light
pills of glowing ice
snap open
forceps polished hard as glitter
smile calm and cold
Face precision-made and waxy like a mask
a million faces like it, hypnotized by routine
A world of precision efficiency tidiness
swarming with men
mechanical puppets
Everyone breathe in and out in perfect order
sound of cogs matched cylinders
the Devil’s sure power that extends in all directions
He is a motor
keep clean orderly movement
so machinery hums smooth

Isn’t it clean, so bright?

Technicians come to check
see if everybody’s machinery is functioning up to par
find blown fuses
singed smell of men scared berserk
legs cold frosted crackling
cogs rusted silent
an old, worthless clock
Endless machines running up and down catwalks in firelight
thrown from a hundred blast furnaces
staining red and coal black
Shove the carcasses down the hole
clear out of sight
Thank them with brain cells, not money.
Face burnt out leaking the acid of fear
from hate built up too high and overloaded
stay trapped screaming behind the mirrors
hide the carbon under the fingernails
and dirt worked into callused cracks
shut down
smoked up and gray and deserted inside
Metal hitting a mattress
Beginning of each day
flash on.
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